Thursday, July 14, 2011

Charmaine Aguas Enjoyed Her Time as Honors College Web Developer

Being a part of the Texas Tech Honors College has been an invaluable experience for me.   This past May, I graduated with a degree in Chemistry and Visual Communications. The Honors College gave me the opportunity to pursue two of my passions, medicine and photography, during my undergraduate career.   Through the Early Acceptance Program for TTUHSC Medical School, I was able to excel in my pre-med classes while running my own photography business, Quite Charmed Photography.  

The summer before medical school, I became the Honors College web developer.  I have loved working with the staff updating and creating user-friendly webpages.  Some of my favorite pages include the new Current Students' page, Prospective Students' page, and HAL page. Moreover, some of my photography can be found throughout the website.   I hope that you enjoy the new look and updates to the Honors College Website.

-Charmaine Aguas

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