Thursday, May 17, 2012

Student Activities Board (SAB): The 2011-2012 School Year

This year the Student Activities Board provided Honors College students with a number of educational and entertaining events. It has been one of the best years in terms of student attendance and involvement. We kicked off the year with our 3rd annual Honors Opening Cookout. This event was a joint effort between SAB, FYE, and Gordon Hall. At this event we grilled sausage wraps for the students and allow them to make their own ice cream sundaes. It is an excellent way welcome student’s back to school and into a social setting where they can meet and make new friends in the Honors College. The turnout was huge, almost completely packing the front circle of Gordon Hall. It was exciting to see Honors students wearing the shirts given out at this event, identifying themselves as part of the Honors Community.

This year, SAB joined forces with Eta Omicron Nu to present the 5th Annual Honors Semi-Formal, “A Night at the Casino.” Students had the opportunity to dress up and enjoy a nice dinner and a night of dancing. SAB provided poker, blackjack, and roulette tables for students to play (with fake chips, of course.) Honors College faculty member Dr. Jim Brink, and staff member Janet Veal assisted by working as dealers at the tables. Afterwards, students used their chips to “purchase” prizes that were donated by local businesses, including an autographed Tommy Tubberville football. It was the highest attended semi-formal in Honors College history. Students expressed how much they enjoyed attending and hope to see more semi-formals in the future.

The Student Activities Board hosted a number of other events throughout the year. We attended the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra, providing students the opportunity to be exposed to classical music. Every year we form an Honors College team for Race for the Cure and in 2011 we had one of the largest teams participating. This year we also took a group of students to Main Event for a night of bowling. Students enjoyed this event because it gave them an opportunity to simply relax and make new friends. We toured the Llano Estacado Winery, where students were shown how wine is made and distributed. We even hosted an Honors College volleyball tournament where Honors students showed off their athletic skills.

The SAB just wrapped up the year with an end of the year social. At this event we provided inflatable outdoor laser tag, inflatable Twister, and an inflatable obstacle course. This event was an opportunity for students to unwind and relax before finals. It was a highly attended event and students stated that it definitely helped them relax before they began studying heavily for finals.

Overall, SAB worked hard this year to provide Honors College students with a wide variety of both educational and entertaining events. This was my last year as SAB director and as much as it saddens me to leave the Honors College, I am proud of all of the hard work that the board members of SAB did this year and hope for an even better list of events next year.

Lindzi Shanks-SAB Director 2009-2012

End of the Year Party

Casino Night Semi Formal

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